After becoming a dad for the first time, my partner needed a better way of tracking feeding times, instead of a notes app on her iPhone. I built bestfeeding to provide an easy way to track of feeds throughout the day.

python django html javascript mobile responsive

KISS Player

As part of the rollout of new radio players for Bauer Radio stations, I created a complete CMS to be used to manage audio/video content, and an API for use by both the radio players and the mobile apps. I also created a standalone Flash/HTML5 player to be used on radio player websites.

php zend flash javascript solr gearman


dcusb is a python-based driver for the DreamCheeky USB LED Message Board. It allows you to programatically push and scroll messages to the board from python.


django-staticblog is a markdown-based, database-free blog system for Django that compiles to static html.

python django aws


LazyTube is a webapp that allows you to queue up and control YouTube videos from the comfort of your bed/chair/recliner. It was built using django and websockets (via PubNub)

python django html javascript websockets YouTube API

Zend Compressor

PHP port of django-compressor for use in Zend Framework sites.

php zend framework css javascript aws

I also host various other smaller projects on my github account

Hire Me

I'm currently available for freelance work. I'm highly experienced with Zend Framework, Magento, and OSCommerce, and have worked on many different ecommerce solutions. You can see more examples of my work on my linkedin profile. Get in touch!